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xmcd: Motif CD Player / Ripper

xmmix: Motif Audio Mixer

Some of you might know me better as the author of xmcd, the X11/Motif CD player/ripper utility. Others may have used xmmix, the X11/Motif audio mixer that I also wrote. These two are a really nice pair of software applications for today's multi-media computers running Linux or various flavors of UNIX. They are free and open source. If you haven't used either of these I would encourage you to give them a try!

These apps provide a nice melding between my interest in computers, UNIX, high-end audio, and music. See my Hi-fi Audio Page for information on my multimedia systems.

These applications were developed over the past years on my own free time, and has been a real learning experience. Not only have I become better at writing software, the Internet has allowed me to come across many very enthusiatic individuals who offered time and help to beta test the releases. A number of people even contributed code, and helped port xmcd to more different platforms and UNIX variants than any other CD player. Xmcd also supports the widest array of CD drives. In addition, I have received thousands of e-mail messages from users offering words of encouragement and useful suggestions. This has been a wonderful cooperative experience and I am really grateful for it.

Xmcd and xmmix are both continuing to evolve, so look forward to more releases in the future offering improvements and more features.

In 1995, the xmcd CD player/ripper project spawned a companion Internet CD information database and online content service called CDDB®. It is now the core of the suite of products and services from Gracenote, and has grown to be the largest database of its kind.

Today, CDDB is the de-facto enabler for portable audio, car audio, home audio as well as multimedia audio software. Portable players such as the Apple iPod and those from Creative and Rio; Car systems from Alpine, Clarion, Fujitsu-Ten, Omnifi, Panasonic, PhatNoise, Sanyo and Sony; Home audio from Denon, Escient, Gibson Audio, Imerge, Linn, Perception Digital, Philps and Yamaha; and hundreds of software applications such as Apple iTunes, Real Player, Winamp and Yahoo! Music are "Powered by Gracenote" and rely on CDDB for music recognition.

An excellent article (PDF format) appeared in the Wall Street Journal about Gracenote, CDDB, and my involvement in its creation. As co-inventor of CDDB, I am proud to be nominated (and became a finalist) for the 2005 World Technology Awards. It is truly an honor to be amongst such a prestigious fellowship.

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