Ti Kan: Audi Platforms, Parts Numbering, and Quattro Guide

The Quattro turbo coupe, a.k.a. 'UrQuattro'

The following are some tables of Audi model, platform, part numbering and quattro system generations information:

These are made from my memory and from reference materials available to me, if you notice any omissions or errors please let me know.

Audi Model Equivalencies

Prior to 1988/89, Audi models in the USA have different names than those of its European counterparts. After that, Audi unified its model designation. This table illustrates the pre-1988 USA model ranges and their equivalent European model names.

These are generalizations; there are exceptions to this table and many trim level, equipment and engine selection differences exist between US and European models.

Model YearUSAEuropean
1985-19874000 4-cyl80
1985-19874000 5-cyl90
1980-19885000 turbo200

Audi Platform Generation / Type Code Guide

Audi currently has four basic "platforms" on which all models are built. The A platform is the smallest, and shared with the VW Golf/Jetta/New Beetle. The B platform is the medium size platform, the C platform is the large sedan platform, and the D platform is the top range platform. The platform code is not to be confused with the Audi model names (e.g., The 1996 Audi A4 model is built on the B5 platform). Each of these platforms have specific type (project) codes that identify the basic chassis type and other specifics. Here is a quick reference.

Model YearModelPlatform generationType code
2006-currA3A5type 8P
2000-currTT Coupe, TT RoadsterA4type 8N
1973-1979FoxB1type 82
1980-19874000 sedanB2type 81
1981-1987Coupe, Quattro turbo coupe, 4000 quattroB2type 85
1988-199280, 90, CoupeB3type 89
1993-1997CabrioletB3type 8G
1993-199590B4type 8A
1996-2001A4, S4B5type 8D
2002-2005A4B6type 8E
2005.5-currA4B7type ??
1969-1976100LSC1type F104
1977-19835000C2type 43
1984-19915000, 100, 200C3type 44
1992-1997100, S4, A6, S6C4type 4A
1998-2004A6, S6, RS6C5type 4B
2005-currA6C6type ??
2000-2005AllroadC5type 4Z
1990-1994V8D1type 4C
1997-2003A8D2type 4D
2004-currA8D3type ??

Audi & VW Parts Numbering Guide

Audi and VW factory part numbers follow an easy-to-understand convention that should serve as a model for other manufacturers. A part number usually consists of nine digits divided into three groups of three digits. It may also have an additional letter or number suffix, or a color code suffix, or both.

Here is an example part number that has all of these part number components (for a replacement 1984 Audi 5000S turbo USA specification front bumper cover):

		443 807 105 P GRU

Audi Quattro Generations

All Audi quattros are full-time all-wheel drive except the Haldex-equipped models. Here is a general description of the evolution of the quattro system since its inception.

Open front differential
Open center differential, manually lockable*
Open rear differential, manually lockable*
1981-87 Audi Quattro turbo coupe
1984-87 Audi 4000 quattro
1986-87 Audi 5000 quattro
VW Quantum Syncro
Open front differential
Torsen center differential
Open rear differential, manually lockable**
1988-91 Audi Quattro turbo coupe
1989-95 Audi 80/90 quattro, Coupe quattro, S2, RS2
1988-95 Audi 100/200 quattro, S4, S6
Open front differential
Planetary gear center with electronically-controlled
multi-plate locking clutch
(Torsen center differential with manual-transmission)
Torsen rear differential
1990-94 Audi V8
Open front differential with EDL***
Torsen center differential
Open rear differential with EDL***
1995.5 Audi S6
1996-curr Audi A4, S4, RS4, A6, S6, A8, S8
1998-2005 VW Passat 4Motion
Open front differential with EDL***
Haldex clutch center, electronically controlled
Open rear differential with EDL***
Normally FWD, but Haldex direct torque to the rear
when slip occurs
2000-curr Audi TT, A3, S3
2000-curr VW Golf/Jetta(Bora) 4Motion

*   ABS disabled when locked (if equipped)
**   ABS disabled when locked; automatically unlocks when speed exceeds 15mph
***   Electronic Differential Lock: uses ABS to selectively brake a slipping wheel

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