Ti Kan: Audi - My 1980 4000 2.0

Celebrating 38 years of passion and transformation
"Long after other flashy-fliers have lost their luster, this jewel continues to shine."

Featured in the April 1994 issue of European Car magazine...
All images by Ti Kan except #2 by Les Bidrawn and #15-17 by George Achorn.

Taken on the day the car reached 200,000 miles European Car magazine article photo Amplifiers in the trunk Center console Dashboard with ABT instrument cluster extension Audi Duo Sound unit fitted to a 4000
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Showing the 2.0L four and custom stress bar Cibie European headlights Attitude adjustment with the BBS front spoiler Custom leather interior and sport seats At the New Dimensions Car Show The cast/finned/baffled oil pan
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Sunset shot on a roof-top parking lot Dramatic view of the side of the car Early morning at the Monterey Historics 99 More MH99 Rear view at MH99 Sanden R-134a A/C compressor
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Dual radiator fan conversion Latest engine bay shot 1 Latest engine bay shot 2 Red instrument lighting 1 Red instrument lighting 2 Dashboard with ABT instrument cluster extension 2
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There are more pics of this car at the Monterey Historics 99, including an awesome on-track shot at the famous Laguna Seca "cork screw".

Original Form

Before all the mods - front view Before all the mods - side view
The modifications to this car look like they belong there. Here are two pics of the car before all the mods. Many people don't realize just how modified this car is until they see the original,

Car Shows & Awards


The table below lists items on this car that has been modified its original stock configuration (Remember, this is a 1980 model that was quite plain-jane, originally with 1.6L and 4-speed manual, etc.).

Long block 2.0L 4-cylinder VAG "bubble" block, 8.5:1 compression, solid lifters, 8 valves, 40mm intake, 33mm exhaust
Engine flywheel 1984 Audi 4000 spec
Camshaft VAG factory G-grind
Camshaft oil baffle Late style VAG
Oil pressure sender VDO V360.081.030 (dual, 10 bar with warning light switch)
Upper coolant hose flange Late style VAG
Timing belt tensioner Late style VAG
Crank gear Late style VAG
Cast/finned/baffled oil pan VAG factory 049 103 603
Motor oil Mobil-1 15W50 synthetic
Coolant thermostat Wahler 80 deg. C
Coolant Pentosin G001200 Lifetime antifreeze (pink), distilled water mix
5-speed manual transaxle VAG type 013 code 2N
210mm clutch kit 1984+ Audi 4000 spec
Shift linkage/gearshift housing 5-speed 013 shift linkage components
Gear oil Redline MTL synthetic
Fuel/Induction System
Fuel accumulator 1981+ spec (Bosch)
Control pressure regulator 1981+ spec (Bosch)
Air flow sensor 80mm plate (Bosch 67K)
Intake manifold 1985+ Audi 4000 spec
Throttle body Neuspeed
Throttle cable Custom modified (New Dimensions)
Full throttle switch Custom wired to FI control unit
Hot start pulse relay Custom wired with factory parts
Oxygen Sensor Bosch 3-wire, custom wiring for heating element
Ignition System
Distributor vacuum unit Bosch single port, advance-only
Ignition wire set Neuspeed 8mm red
Spark plugs Bosch tri-electrode W7DTC
Exhaust/Emissions System
Exhaust manifold 79 Audi Fox spec
Downpipe Techtonics 251.220 for VW Fox (modified), with OXS fitting
Catalytic converter Techtonics high-flow 263.150
Connecting pipe Audi Coupe GT spec
Center muffler Bypassed with straight pipe
Rear muffler Sebring sport muffler with chrome tip
Brake System
Front rotors/calipers 10.1" vented and spiral-slotted rotors (ATE Power Disc), Girling caliper from Scirocco-16V
Rear disc brake conversion 8.9" rotors, Girling caliper from Scirocco-16V
Rear stub axle VAG Scirocco-16V spec
Rear hard brake lines Custom fabricated
Brake pads Front: Mintex red box MDB1253AF
Rear: Repco Metalmasters
Parking brake cable VAG new style L/R cables & bushing
Flexible brake hoses Stainless steel braided teflon
Brake fluid Valvoline SynPower DOT-4 high performance synthetic
Wheels Ronal R8 6Jx15 ET45
Tires Kumho Ecsta MX 205/50ZR15
Front strut housings 1981+ Audi 4000 spec
Sport springs Eibach Pro-Kit progressive rate
Shock absorbers Koni hydraulic adjustable; front 86.2066; rear 80.2403
Front anti-roll bar 23mm 1982 Audi turbo coupe spec
Rear anti-roll bar 25mm Suspension Techniques B-01110A/R
Front upper stress bar Custom fabricated (Motofab)
Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning
A/C compressor Sanden SD5H14 model 4509, R134a, PAG oil
A/C compressor adapter bracket ICE Mini-York to Sanden SD-5 (cast aluminum), modified.
A/C compressor drive belt Continental CONTI-SF 13x850 V-belt
A/C compressor hoses Custom barrier hoses with R134a service valves
Receiver/drier R134a-compatible
Expansion valve R134a-compatible
O-rings R134a-compatible green nitrile on all fittings
Secondary air bypass valve (idle boost) Audi part 035 906 283, custom plumbed and wired to A/C compressor clutch circuit.
Ventilation intake filter screen Custom aluminum screen with plastic mount and clips, to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the system.
Steering wheel Momo Sigma black leather 360mm
Shift knob Momo anatomic black leather
Shift boot Custom leather
Extended instrument cluster housing ABT with 3-gauge panel (VAG factory European option)
Instrument cluster flank switches Switch caps 1982-84 Audi 4000 style
Instrument cluster lighting 1984 Audi 4000 quattro red optics
Speedometer VDO 120 mph from 1984 4000 quattro
Oil pressure gauge VDO 350.271.031.007 (0-10 bar), with red optics
Oil temperature gauge VDO (50-150 deg C), with red optics
Voltmeter VDO (8-16V), with red optics
Heater-A/C control panel, levers, A/C switch 1985+ Audi 4000 style
Dash vents 1985+ Audi 4000 style
Parking brake handle cover From 1984 Audi 5000 turbo
Foot pedals Auto Look cast aluminum
Interior light delay system From 1984 Audi 5000 Turbo
Interior light From 1984 Audi 5000 Turbo
Central locking system From 1984 Audi 5000 Turbo
Programmable intermittent wiper relay Bosch 0 986 335 058
Power windows Audi 5000 Turbo wiring harness and switches + Electric Life window regulators. Incorporates retained power after ignition off, one-touch down feature on driver's window
Seat belt/door/lights chime relay From 1984 Audi 5000 Turbo
Front sport seats From 1984 Audi 4000 quattro
Rear sport seat From 1983 Audi Quattro turbo coupe
Upholstery Custom grey leather on seats and door panels
Rear outboard seat belts 3-point belts from 1982 Audi 4000
Front seat adjustable lumbar support IDC inflatable unit
Front door map pockets 1985+ Audi 4000 long style
Floor mats Audi-Lloyd plush mats with logo
Electrical System
Headlights unit with driving & city lights Cibie H4/H1 (VAG - Euro Quattro turbo coupe)
Euro H4/H1 headlight relay wiring harness BLAUfergnugen 857 900 001, three Bosch 40A relays, 40A circuit breaker
Headlight bulbs H4: Flosser 90/100W, H1: 55W, City Lights: 5W
Front parking/turn signal/hazard lights Converted to using amber LED bulbs
Tail lights, brake lights, turn signal/hazard lights, back-up lights, license plate lights Converted to using amber, red or white LED bulbs as appropriate
Engine compartment light From 1984 Audi 5000 turbo, custom wired, with white LED bulb
Interior light Converted to using white LED bulb
Luggage compartment light Custom wiring
Turn signal/hazard light relay (needed to avoid hyper-blinking due to LED bulbs) CF14
Twin-trumpet 795/840Hz air horn Hella 3PB 003 001-791 with air compressor
Alternator Bosch 130A, 14.8V voltage regulator (Ultranator - Avi Meron)
Alternator auxiliary ground cable New Dimensions (Massive Overkill Wiring Accessories)
Radiator fan 1984-87 Audi 4000 dual fans, one active, one passive (belt drive)
Battery 63AH unit
Front spoiler BBS 21.30.010 (painted body color)
Side skirts 1985+ Audi 4000 spec (painted body color)
Rear valance 1984 Audi 4000 quattro spec (painted body color)
Wiper spoilers (2) Audi parts
Hood-lift conversion BLAUfergnugen kit 857 823 001 with twin struts
Right side rear view mirror Audi 4000
Side windows/bumpers/grill black trim Custom painted
Front grill Audi rings emblem Larger Audi 200 emblem, modified to fit
Security alarm system Custom paging system utilizing control modules from Clifford, Auto Page and some custom built electronics. Uses radio power antenna as transmitter.
Audio system Sony removable head unit, Sony 11-band equalizer, Soundstream power amplifier, Infinity power amplifier, Alpine power amplifier, custom electronic crossover, custom speakers (4x Audax 0.5" tweeters, 2x Audax 4" bass-midranges, 2x Peerless 6.5" bass-midranges, 2x Peerless 8" subwoofers).
Headphone console on rear shelf Audi "Duo Sound" unit from 1984 5000 Turbo
Automatic power antenna Hirschmann Mini-mot Hit Auta 5040SW

Whew. That's quite a list isn't it?

Click here to see the European Car magazine feature article.

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