Ti Kan: Art

This page is a gallery of some artworks that I created. All images herein are the copyrighted property of Ti Kan. Please do not re-distribute or re-publish without prior permission.

Drawings and Paintings
[untitl-3.jpg] [triad.jpg] [tony.jpg] [mosaic.jpg] [moon.jpg]
Batik on fabric
Tempra paint on newsprint
Tempra paint on newsprint
Tempra paint on newsprint
Earth & Moon
Color tissue paper and paste
A Collection of Car Drawings
[audi4000.jpg] [auti1.jpg] [mingsvw.jpg] [quattro1.jpg]
Pencil on paper
Pencil on paper
Ming's VW
Color pencils on paper
Pencil on paper
[quattro2.jpg] [por911t.jpg] [por959.jpg]    
Pencil on paper
Pencil on paper
Pencil on paper
A photo of a wall mural that I and a group of friends painted when attending UCSC I was in a weird mood  
[wallcars.jpg] [amb07.jpg] [amb07.jpg]  
Wall Cars
Acrylic latex paint on concrete
Techno Meltdown
Black ink on paper
Audio Robotics
Black ink on paper


I am not a photographer. The majority of these photos were shot with an inexpensive point-and-shoot film camera. I recently acquired a fairly nice digital camera and am having some fun with it, but I don't produce a professional portfolio of work. However, I like creating intriguing images with my camera when the opportunity arises. I like a simple composition and find profound qualities in common things, I think you'll notice these characteristics in the following images...

[chicago.jpg] [flow.jpg] [footprt.jpg] [leaves.jpg] [phbooth.jpg]
Chicago Flow Footprint Leaves Phone booth
[shadow.jpg] [sky.jpg] [spiral.jpg] [sunset.jpg] [sunset2.jpg]
Shadow Sky Spiral Sunset Sunset-2
[temple.jpg] [tree.jpg] [treebark.jpg] [untitl-1.jpg] [untitl-2.jpg]
Temple Tree Treebark Untitled-1 Untitled-2
[walk.jpg] [windows.jpg] [yosemite.jpg] [highways.jpg]  
Walk Windows Yosemite Highways  

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