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AMB strives to provide fast and friendly service, so that you could build quality audio projects affordably. Some of the items are exclusive to AMB or are otherwise difficult to obtain in single quantities. AMB audio shop was set up to provide a community service to fellow DIYers, not as a profit-generating venture. The shop carries some of the required parts for AMB's "open source" audio projects and sundry other useful bits. You get the benefit of economy of scale -- the items are acquired in quantities for lower cost, and are only minimally marked-up to defray project development costs and to cover the expenses of running the shop and websites. As such, AMB offers very reasonable prices, often below the retail prices of the same items (if applicable) from other large commercial vendors.

This page describes the general procedures and policies of AMB audio shop to help you understand the workings of the shop. By ordering from AMB audio shop, you agree with all items stated herein.

Availability of Items

If you're looking for an item and it's not listed on the order form, then AMB does not currently stock it unless otherwise advertised. AMB audio shop usually stocks all items shown on the order form, but on rare occasions an item may become out-of-stock and would not be ready to to ship immediately. If you order an item that is out of stock, AMB will notify you and arrange either for a delayed shipment (either of all items in the order or just those that are not in stock) or a refund.

Some items may be fabricated-to-order. If your order includes these items, then your order will be held until the items are ready. These items will be marked as such on the order form.

AMB may add or remove items from its online catalog. The availability of an item at one time does not imply that it will be available indefinitely.

Upon special arrangement, AMB may make special orders of non-stocked items on your behalf. Please contact AMB for details.

Reserved items

AMB audio shop exists primarily to support builders of AMB's DIY projects. It is not intended to be a general purpose parts vendor. Certain parts are rare or in short supply, and are marked as "Reserved". AMB's stock of reserved items are for builders of specific AMB projects that require them, and for the repair of such projects.

The maximum quantities of reserved items you may order are restricted by the number of associated AMB project PCB(s) being ordered at the same time. For example, if you order one CK²III PCB, then you can order no more than 2 pieces each of the reserved 2SK170BL and 2SJ74BL JFETs.

If you need to order reserved items to repair a malfunctioned AMB project, please first contact AMB before ordering. You need to have previously purchased the PCB(s) from AMB audio shop.

Parts substitution

AMB reserves the right to substitute a different manufacturer or part number than as described in the online order form. The substituted part will have the same functionality and performance as the listed part. The color and appearance of the supplied parts may vary from the photos shown.

Personal Information

Privacy Statement

All personal information that you provide to AMB audio shop, such as your name, e-mail and postal address, etc., during an order session is kept in strict confidence. AMB will not disclose the information to any third party without your consent.

E-mail address

AMB audio shop uses e-mail as the only means of communication to you about the status of your order. You must make sure that the e-mail address you supply is valid, and your ISP's e-mail server does not block mail originating from the domain. If you pay for your order using PayPal (see below), you should specify the same e-mail address that is registered in your PayPal profile.

Postal address

If you use PayPal for payment, AMB will ship to the shipping address that you entered in the AMB audio shop order form, rather than your PayPal shipping address (if they are different). If this is not what you want, you must either provide instructions in the order form's "Additional comments" box, or contact AMB immediately.

If your country does not appear in the AMB audio shop order form country selection menu, then AMB currently does not offer shipments to you. This is usually due to postal restrictions.

Forum nickname

If you are a member of an audio-related online discussion forum, you may optionally provide your forum and nickname information here. This will help AMB identify who you are and what you had purchased, which may be useful background information when providing support in forum discussion threads. Your order data is strictly for AMB reference use only, and will not be disclosed in any public messages without your consent.

Payment Information


AMB audio shop accepts payment in the following forms only: Cash, personal checks, or any other payment method not listed above is not accepted. An order will ship after it is paid in full, including shipping costs and any applicable fees.


This is the most popular payment method. PayPal currently supports transactions using a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express), direct transfer from your bank account (if available in your country), or via an "e-check". Please refer to the PayPal website for details. Credit card and bank transfer payments are instantaneous, and your order will typically ship within the next business day. E-check payments are subject to a delay before the order will ship (this is usually four business days, in order for the payment to clear).

If you choose PayPal as your payment method, your online order session at AMB audio shop will be routed through PayPal during the check-out process. It is expected that you complete the payment immediately. If your Paypal payment is not posted within 8 hours of your order then the order will be automatically canceled.

Your order will ship to the address you entered in the AMB audio shop order form, rather than your PayPal shipping address (if they are different). If this is not what you want, you must either provide instructions in the order form's "Additional comments" box, or contact AMB immediately. AMB audio shop automatically calculates the shipping cost based on the address you entered. If you specify an alternate address which would result in increased postage, you will receive a PayPal bill to cover the difference.

Western Union

Western Union provides fast and secure money transfer service and is available in many countries. AMB accepts Western Union's "Money in Minutes" service, which allows you to pay for your order online at Western Union's website, via telephone, or by paying a local Western Union agent in person. Depending on your location and the payment option you choose, you may use a credit card, debit card, or some other form of payment. See the Western Union website for details.

If you use Western Union to pay for your AMB order, a handling fee of $2.00 USD will be added because it requires us to make a trip to our local Western Union agent in order to receive your payment. Please follow the instructions provided to you during the order process to complete the order. You'll need to provide the necessary information listed to Western Union, and obtain the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCU) as well as other pertinent data from your Western Union transaction and send them to AMB.

Your order will not ship until your payment is received in full and clears the bank. Your order will remain in "pending" state up to 28 days. If your payment is not received at that time, your order will be automcatically canceled. A reminder e-mail will be sent to you after 14 days.

Certified Check/Money Order

For orders within the USA only, a cashier's check or money order issued by a bank, credit union or US Post Office are accepted for this form of payment. The amount listed on your money order or certified check must match the grand total of your order.

Your order will not ship until your payment is received in full and clears the bank. Your order will remain in "pending" state up to 28 days. If your payment is not received at that time, your order will be automcatically canceled. A reminder e-mail will be sent to you after 14 days.

Shipping Information


AMB audio shop uses the United States Postal Service (USPS), which offers the best combination of fast shipping time and low cost. All shipments originate from California, USA (San Francisco bay area).

You may request to use other shippers, subject to the availability of the service of the shipper in AMB audio shop's area. You should contact AMB to arrange this before ordering. You may be billed for additional shipping charges, because the AMB audio shop order form computes the shipping cost based on USPS rates, which are usually the most economical way to ship.

The shipping cost is computed based on the estimated weight of your ordered items, your specified shipping method and options, plus the cost of shipping supplies, packaging, handling, applicable fees and other expenses associated with your order.

AMB does not offer local pick-up of any items.

US Domestic destinations

For United States destinations, Priority Mail is used for virtually all shipments. Under some circumstances, other shipping methods may be used due to weight or size factors. If you require rush service, you may specify Priority Mail Express (formerly "Express Mail") on the order form.

International destinations

Priority Mail International is used in most cases. You may specify Priority Mail Express International (formerly "Express Mail International") for rush service on the order form. Priority Mail Express International is only available to certain countries.

For certain destination countries, AMB audio shop requires adding shipping insurance (see below), or choose Priority Mail Express International.

Shipment Tracking

For Priority Mail (US domestic) and Priority Mail Express (US domestic and International), online tracking is included at no additional cost. Priority Mail International, except for certain countries, usually does not provide any further tracking information once the package departs our local postal sorting facility.

Use the USPS track and confirm web page to track a package.


Due to the nature of AMB audio shop (see Introduction above), in the unlikely event of shipping damage or loss, AMB cannot be liable and absorb the cost. You are thus recommended to purchase shipping insurance at the time of ordering, especially for large orders or those to countries that have unreliable mail service. Shipping insurance is available to USA and many international destinations.

The following shipping methods include up to the listed insurance coverage at no extra cost:

Shipping methodIncluded insurance coverage
Priority Mail (U.S. domestic)$50
Priority Mail Express (U.S. domestic)$100
Priority Mail International$200
Priority Mail Express International$200

Additional insurance may be purchased by selecting the "Purchase shipping insurance" option on the order form.

Adding insurance beyond the included coverage listed above will cause an insurance fee to be added to your total amount. The fee is calculated based on the "subtotal" amount of your order, including discounts and surcharges, but not shipping charge or other fees. Note that this insurance is offered by USPS and not by AMB audio shop.

A maximum coverage limit is imposed by the USPS and varies from country to country. If you specify to purchase shipping insurance, but the maximum coverage limit is less than your subtotal amount, then your shipment will be insured at the coverage limit. Also, according to USPS policy, the value declared on the customs form cannot be less than the insured amount.

For Priority Mail International, since USPS does not offer insurance for items packed in a flat rate envelope, if you add the shipping insurance option, variable weight packaging will be used which may also cause the shipping cost to be higher.

If an order does not arrive within a reasonable amount of time (which should be at least ten business days after the average or estimated transit time, plus typical customs turnaround time for your country if applicable) then please contact AMB. Allow extra time during Christmas season or other times when the mail system experiences unusually high volume. If it is deemed that your shipment was damaged or lost, then AMB will file a claim with USPS on your behalf.

Lost, damaged or undeliverable package

You assume all risks, if you do not purchase shipping insurance and the value of the goods you ordered is more than the included USPS coverage (if any, see the "Insurance" section above). AMB will not provide refund for any uninsured lost or damaged packages. If your package is returned to AMB by the postal service as undeliverable (and all items are in resalable condition), then you have the option to have it re-shipped at your expense, or receive a refund with the original shipping cost deducted.

Additional shipping costs

If you request a non-USPS shipper or a shipping method that would incur additional shipping costs than what's calculated by the AMB audio shop order form, you will be sent a bill for the difference, plus any agency fees if applicable. The order will not ship until full payment is received.

Return/exchange policy

Items may be returned if they are sent in error by AMB audio shop. They must be unused, undamaged and in resalable condition. This means that printed circuit boards and parts must not be soldered, the leads/pins of parts must not be cut or bent, and heatsinks must not be drilled, etc. Items may not be returned for any other reason unless they are found to be defective, subject to verification by AMB audio shop.

If any item is found to be defective, AMB will replace the item free-of-charge (except when the defect is caused by improper use or abuse, such as handling, wiring or setup mistakes, short circuits, electrostatic discharge damage, etc.).

Before submitting an order, please be sure you know what you need and order accordingly. AMB audio shop, at its discretion, may or may not accept returns for an ordering error. A 20% re-stocking fee may be applied for such returns.

You must bear the cost of shipping back to AMB audio shop. AMB will pay the shipping of the replacement part to you using a shipping method at its discretion. If you require expedited or express shipping, an additional shipping charge may be incurred.

This return/exchange policy is in effect within 30 days of initial shipment of the items to you. After that, no items will be accepted for exchange.

If you would like to return or exchange any items, please first contact AMB to make arrangements. Unsolicited returns will not be accepted.

Release of liability

A lot of effort, time and money went into the development of each of AMB's offerings, and we believe that they are safe and perform to meet the published specifications. However, the nature of DIY is such that we have no control over what you do with them. Also, technology, the laws, and limitations imposed by manufacturers and content owners are constantly changing. Thus, some of the projects described may not work as advertised in all cases and circumstances, may be inconsistent with current laws or user agreements, or may damage or adversely affect some equipment.

Your safety is your own responsibility, including proper use of equipment and safety gear, and determining whether you have adequate skills and experience. Working with electronics projects may expose you to hazards such as electric shock, battery explosion, fire or chemical poisoning. Power tools, electricity, and other resources used for these projects are dangerous, unless used properly and with adequate precautions, including safety gear. Some illustrative photos do not depict safety precautions or equipment, in order to show the project steps more clearly. These projects are not intended for use by children.

If you are new to DIY electronics, AMB strongly encourages you to start with projects that do not involve the wiring and handling of AC mains voltage, lithium-ion or other similar batteries. If you do work with these, we recommend that you solicit help from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.

Always read the website associated with each project before you get started. There may be important news, notes, warnings, updates or corrections.

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) has information to help prevent the loss of life and property resulting from electrical fires. Click here to read them!

Use of the instructions, projects and suggestions on the AMB website and forums is at your own risk. AMB and associated personel disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury, or expense. It is your responsibility to make sure that your activities comply with applicable laws, including copyright. By ordering from the AMB audio shop, you agree with all terms and conditions outlined on this page.

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