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Welcome & general info

Postby amb » March 30th, 2010, 5:11 am

Hello fellow DIYers, welcome to AMB DIY audio forum. After years of using other forums for the discussion and support of AMB projects, we now finally have our own space. There are also areas for the discussion about general DIY and non-DIY audio topics.

The main purpose of this forum is to consolidate the information and discussions about AMB projects, heretofore scattered about in many other forums. It is not intended to be a substitute for them, but to augment them in a way that, I hope, would make it easier for you to find information and to build your AMB projects. This space will also be free of advertisements, politics, conflicts of interest, and unreliability of the other forums (with all due respect to their admins and moderators, of course).

You are also encouraged to use the appropriate forums under the "Talk" category for any subject related to audio.
Feel free to participate, post your thoughts, ideas and questions here. Let's be nice to each other, and have fun with our hobby.

There are few "rules and regulations" here, but use your common sense. Personal attacks or insults are not tolerated, don't post anything illegal or put SPAM url links in your profile, signature or posts. Post in English only, and keep them on-topic and relevant, and please help make this a useful, pleasant and sharing community. I reserve the right to administratively intervene any violation as I deem appropriate.

Please choose the most appropriate subforum to post your messages. If the discussion within a thread changes such that another subforum becomes more relevant, then please start a new thread there. Also, keep each thread on-topic, start a new thread rather than muddy up the original thread with tangential discussions.

The "For sale or Want-to-buy" subforum is for members to sell or buy personal gear, boards, parts, etc. It is not intended for commercial use. Your ad does not imply any endorsement from me, and all responsibilities for the transaction are between the seller and the buyer. If any dispute arises, please resolve it amongst yourselves, do not pollute the forum about it. I will not take a stand on any such matter and will remove posts at my discretion.

The "Free stuff" subforum is for items to be given away for free. Do not use it if you plan to charge any money for the items except a reasonable shipping fee, if applicable.

The "Group buys" subforum is for me to conduct group buys of items for the membership community. It is not a place for any member to run their own group buys.

To reduce SPAM, new members are moderated and do not have full privileges until after two approved posts.

Please fill out your profile! We'd all like to know more about you. At the minimum, add your location, and upload an avatar image. It would also be of interest to see your audio equipment collection, favorite music and artists, etc.

This forum supports Tapatalk, which allows you to access the forum from a mobile device and special app. Please see this thread for details.

If you post photos or images hosted on other sites using the [img] tag, please use a hosting service that will not go away or change your pictures' URL over time. And please do not delete those pictures. It's useless to read an old post and get "not found" or "no longer available" errors on them.

By the way, this is a full-participation forum, so when someone asks a question and you have an answer, do post! I am not the only one here to offer help... :geek:

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