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Problem getting LCDuino working again

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Problem getting LCDuino working again

Postby Mercator » August 26th, 2018, 10:01 am

A few years ago I built the alpha 10 pre amp. There were some troubleshooting problems but in the end everything worked very well. I had to put the A10 in storage for a while and now I'm trying to get it up and running again and I'm having issues. One of the changes I made in the original trouble shooting phase was to separate the power supply to the delta boards from the LCDuino. At this point the only connection from the LCD to the D1 is the I2C wires. So my current problem seems to relate to the I2C. If I plug in the power with the I2C connected between the LCD and the D1 the LCDuino won't turn on. I get a blank screen. But if I disconnect the I2C the LCduino starts up fine. If I then connect the I2C the LCDuino freezes.
Without the I2C connected I get to the config screens and the front panel switch will cycle though the set up. But the learn IR step doesn't work. The LCDuino doesn't see the input from the remote control. So far I've tried replacing the IR receiver and the I2C port expander with no effect. I've also tried reflashing the software and up dating to version 1.02 also no effect. I can't think of anything else to try. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Problem getting LCDuino working again

Postby amb » August 26th, 2018, 11:52 am

Sounds like you have a wiring issue with the power (5V) or ground (DG) lines. All power to the LCDuino-1 is indeed supplied via the I2C connector. Make sure the σ25 is producing a good 5V output under all operating conditions (as measured via the 5V test point on the LCDuino-1). The 5V and ground wires (2 sets) on the I2C connector should be 22AWG, and make sure the Molex KK pins are straight and inserted properly.
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