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Burning Amp Festival - October 6, 2013

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Re: Burning Amp Festival - October 6, 2013

Postby amb » October 11th, 2013, 9:57 pm

Linear Integrated Systems shot these videos, and I thought I'd add the other ones here for completeness. If you missed the event, you can get a good feel of what it's like through the videos, as well as watch the feature presentations.

Burning Amp 2013 Show Photos

Presentation by Nelson Pass

Presentation by Siegfried Linkwitz

Presentation by Scott Wurcer

Presentation by Jan Didden

Linear Integrated Systems Introduction by Paul Norton

The last video is of particular interest to me. As you probably know, several AMB projects (α20, β22, β24, CK²III) use the Toshiba 2SK170BL and 2SJ74BL JFETs which had been discontinued. While I still have stock to support these projects for some time, they will eventually run out, which would essentially kill the projects. Linear Integrated Systems has been shipping their version of the N-channel device LSK170B for some time, but the complementary P-channel device LSJ74B was delayed for several years. Now they are finally going into production and I will eventually change to offer the LIS versions of these parts when my stock of the Toshibas run out. A new source of these JFETs also means that I could design new circuits to use them. It had been a real problem for me (and no doubt other designers) to specify unobtainium parts in new designs, yet the 2SK170 and 2SJ74 were the only viable low-noise, high transconductance JFETs around. The LIS devices are a godsend. I am also happy to support LIS because they had been so supportive of DIY audio enthusiasts.
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Re: Burning Amp Festival - October 6, 2013

Postby cobretti » October 12th, 2013, 3:17 pm

Nice footage.
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Re: Burning Amp Festival - October 6, 2013

Postby MASantos » October 12th, 2013, 3:31 pm

The LIS parts are already available to the public via diyaudio.com in limited quantities. Great news
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Re: Burning Amp Festival - October 6, 2013

Postby tommarra » October 14th, 2013, 12:35 pm

@linux-works: multi-channel pre-amp = drool!!!
AMB Projects built: B22 (Active ground), S22, S25, LCDunio, D1, D2, A20
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Re: Burning Amp Festival - October 6, 2013

Postby linux-works » October 14th, 2013, 10:26 pm

I hope I have some time to actually get it beyond proof-of-concept mode.

I've taken on a new day-job (not audio related) and, being a startup, its taking all my energy and free time. so the project has been on-hold for quite a while, now. hopefully it will restart but I can't know when.
Sercona Audio (Control Systems for Analog and Digital)
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Re: Burning Amp Festival - October 6, 2013

Postby amphead » November 14th, 2013, 4:31 am

Late to the game here. Just wanted to send my appreciation for the videos posted. Happy that the web-site was unharmed in the recent hiccup. Sure missed the comradery that special friends provide at these events.

You guys interviewed very well. Of course it's always easier to speak when you know the subject. ;)

My new neighbors here in Oregon are blown away by the sound of my Y2 when I use decent source material. Not usually anything as high of a quality as FLAC provides, but when microphone quality/placement is done correctly with a high enough bit rate, you can get some reasonably good material.

My ugly duckling DIY speakers who's enclosures and woofers were both the fruit of Burning Amp events in the past still amaze me to this day for a meager 2 way tower set-up. Without some expert guidance here I could never have had this caliber of success in a one-off design that was a first ever audio speaker system, as opposed to my previous life with guitar amplification/speakers.

Good to see you guys again! :geek:
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