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BC5X0C - kinked or not?


BC5X0C - kinked or not?

Postby Kernle 32DLL » October 10th, 2018, 3:53 pm

While sourcing the small signal transistors for my β22 build, I noticed that the ON Semiconductor variants come in two packages. One with straight, and one with kinked leads. Its hard to tell, but from the picture of the β22 PCB I presume the straight version should be used, as the pitch for the kinked version is to big.

However, the problem is that the BC560C is nowhere to be get with straight leads anymore (whereas the BC550C is - strange enough).

See here:

BC550C straight: Mouser, Digikey
BC550C kinked: Mouser, Digikey
BC560C straight: Mouser, Digikey
BC560C kinked: Mouser, Digikey

So, long story short... Considering that I have to solder in quite a lot of them (counting all the projects, thats 96) - how bad is it to use the kinked lead ones?

On a side node, the same problem applies to the BC546B and BC556B for σ11 and σ22 builds. Also, only kinked leads available :|
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Re: BC5X0C - kinked or not?

Postby amb » October 10th, 2018, 7:31 pm

The kinked version is more available now because they can be put on a tape reel for automated PCB installation. It’s probably a matter of time before the straight-pin version becomes discontinued.

These transistors are now supplied in kinked pin format from AMB audio shop, and has been so for a long time. It’s easy enough for you to straighten the pins with a pair of needle nose pliers.
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