The ζ1 Audio Widget asynchronous USB-I²S module

The ζ1 module

This section is mostly of interest if you are designing a new circuit around the ζ1 module. The dimensions are shown below. They are not in actual size on screen.

Additional dimensional information:
  • The ζ1 PCB is 1.5mm thick.
  • The board interface pin strips have 2mm pitch.
  • The USB Mini-B socket extends beyond the edge of the board by about 2mm.
  • The tallest components on the module are the tactile switches, which reach about 4.4mm above the board surface.
  • The next tallest component on the module is the USB socket, which reach about 4mm above the board surface.
  • The combined height of the Sullins pin headers and receptacles below the module, when mated together, is about 6.4mm. This is the amount of clearance between the bottom surface of the ζ1 module and the main board below.
  • If you need to put parts in the space between the ζ1 and the main board, you must ensure that no parts are more than 6mm tall. Also, even though there are no parts on the bottom side of ζ1, there are pads and vias that should not come into electrical contact with any parts or objects.
  • Despite what appears to be two mounting holes, they are not intended to be used with spacers/standoffs and machine screws. It is sufficient to mount the ζ1 module to the main board by pin/receptacle contact friction alone.
The following are images of the board layout and top silkscreen with pin assignments.
Click on an image for a larger version.

Circuit board layout
(All layers superimposed)

The following images depict the ζ1 board's four copper layers.

Top copper layer
(Ground plane, SMD pads and some signal traces)

Inner copper layer 1
(Signal traces)

Inner copper layer 2
(Signal traces)

Bottom copper layer
(3.3V power plane)

You may also view the top silkscreen in PDF format (57KB). It could be printed on paper in actual size (1:1).

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