The M³ stereo headphone amplifier
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Here is an area showcasing M³ amplifiers built by fellow DIYers from all around the world. If you want to see more M³ builds than those featured here, please also check the AMB DIY audio forum.

If you want to show your M³, post the photos in the forum and include some descriptions. The unusual, the exotic, even the mundane... As long as you like what you built, then why not show it off?

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AMB's M³

Here are some pictures of AMB's own M³ prototype, wrapped in a custom home-built case. The styling and construction follows the same theme as AMB's modified SDS Labs MOSFET amplifier, the "β18". The circuit board is a pre-production version with no solder mask or silkscreen. This amp has AD8610AR opamps, Vishay-Dale RN55D resistors, Vishay-Roederstein MKT1817 for C2 and C8, Wima MKP2 for C6 and Cbb, and Nichicon HE electrolytics. The MOSFETs are biased to 85mA per channel. A companion σ11 27V regulated DC supply is used to power this amplifier.

Three M³s by rjkdivin

Here are three M³ amplifiers built by rjkdivin. This first one, and a companion Tangent STEPS power supply, are each housed in a black Silverstone LC01 Nano-ITX computer case. Custom rear panels were fabricated to replace the originals, which came with cutouts for computer connections. The second one has the M³ amplifier and STEPS PSU board both mounted in a Par-Metal 20-series 12"x8"x2.5" case. The third one has separate Par-Metal 20-series 6"x8"x2.5" cases for the amplifier and PSU, this one uses a Welborne Labs PS1 power supply.

MisterX's M³

MisterX built this stylish M³ in a ATI 645T case, to the desired size. This amplifier features a DaCT CT2 stepped attenuator volume control, Elna Cerfine electrolytic capacitors, AD8065 opamps, and a Condor Power-One PSU at 24V.

M³ by steinchen

This M³, built by steinchen, is housed in an enclosure from Segor Electronics (part number 001.07.L.SW), with a custom front panel made by Front Panel Express. Two headphone jacks are installed, one for standard headphones, and one specifically for the AKG K1000. Vishay-Dale RN55 resistors are used in most locations as well as Wima film capacitors.

Skyskraper's M³

Skyskraper built his M³ in an Altronics 19" 2U rack-mount case in raw aluminum finish. The amplifier is powered by a Tangent TREAD board and a 30VA toroidal transformer. An input selector switch allows a choice of multiple inputs and jack types, a DC output jack provides power to external devices, and the front panel has jacks for two pairs of headphones.

"Lunchbox" M³ by phobus

This unique M³ from phobus runs a voltage gain of 5.5, has OPA637BPs for the left and right channels, OPA627AP on the ground channel, Vishay-Dale RN55E resistors, Vishay-BC MKT370 for C2 and C8, Wima MKP2s for C6 and Cbb, and Panasonic FM electrolytics. The MOSFETs are biased to 108mA per channel, and the amp is powered by a Velleman K1823 PSU at 24V.

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