The LCDuino-1 display I/O processor

Circuit board

The LCDuino-1 circuit board is made of high quality FR-4 glass epoxy, with four copper layers, plated-through holes as well as silkscreen and soldermask on both sides. Ground and power planes in the internal layers provide robust, low-impedance paths, while allowing the other signal traces to be optimally routed without impediment. They also allow the board to be densely packed with larger, through-hole parts for ease of manual assembly while keeping the overall dimensions small. The board size is the same height as industry-standard 2x16 LCD displays, and only 0.25" wider than the display on each side.

The board is intended to be mounted as a "backpack" behind the LCD display module, with direct plug-in connections via pin headers and receptacles. The four mounting holes match those on the LCD display, and the two could be "stack-mounted" with 0.5" (13mm) long standoffs and imperial #4-40 or metric M3 threaded machine screws.

The following diagram illustrates some important board dimensions.

Below are photo images of the top and bottom of the circuit board. They are not in actual size.

The circuit board layout is shown below. The top layer is shown in red, the bottom layer is in blue, and the silkscreen layers are in light grey. Internal ground and power plane layers are shown separately for clarity.

You may also view images of the top silkscreen (PDF format, 66KB) and bottom silkscreen (PDF format, 79KB)

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