The γ24 high performance DAC core

Circuit board

The γ24 circuit board is made of high quality FR-4 glass epoxy, with four copper layers, plated-through holes as well as silkscreen and soldermask. Ground planes on both sides of the board provide low ground impedance and RFI shielding.

The following diagram illustrates some important board dimensions. It can be used as a reference when you work on the chassis enclosure.

Below are photo images of the top and bottom of circuit board. They are not in actual size.


The circuit board layout is shown below. The top layer is shown in red, the inner layer 1 in green, the inner layer 2 in grey and the bottom layer in blue, and the top silkscreen in light grey. The ground plane fill is disabled for clarity.

You may also view an image of the silkscreen (JPEG format | PDF format).

A 3D rendering of a fully-populated γ24 board

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