The γ24 high performance DAC core

Parts list

The table below illustrates the parts needed to populate the γ24 board. To obtain the blank γ24 circuit board and some related parts, visit the
AMB audio shop. You can get almost everything else from the vendors listed on the AMB Audio DIY Page. The recommended US vendors are Mouser and Digi-Key. Builders in other countries may also search Farnell and RS Components.

Part Quantity Description Mouser Digi-Key Farnell RS Components Notes
Circuit board
- 1 γ24 printed circuit board AMB audio shop -
R1, R10-R12 4 10Ω miniature resistor 270-10-RC S10CACT-ND 9342443 164-9959 -
R2, R3 2 2.7KΩ miniature resistor 270-2.7K-RC S2.7KCACT-ND 9342940 165-0274 -
R4 1 10KΩ miniature resistor 270-10K-RC S10KCACT-ND 9342419 165-0369 -
R5-R7 3 47Ω miniature resistor 270-47-RC S47CACT-ND 9343288 165-0044 -
R8, R9, R13-R20 10 33Ω miniature resistor 270-33-RC S33CACT-ND 9343075 165-0022 -
C1, C2, C4-C13, C15, C17, C19, C21 16 0.1µF X7R multilayer ceramic capacitor 810-FG18X7R1H104KNT0,
80-C315C104K1R or
399-9713-ND or
2309020 653-0181 -
C3, C22, C24, C25, C26, C27, C29, C30, C32, C33, C35, C36, C38, C40-C42, C44, C46, C47 19 10µF X7R multilayer ceramic capacitor AMB audio shop -
C14, C16, C18, C20 4 22µF audio grade electrolytic capacitor 555-RFS25V220ME3#5,
647-UKW1H220MDD or
493-10777-1-ND or
8766762 or
215-5691 or
C23, C37, C43 3 1µF X7R multilayer ceramic capacitor 810-FG18X7R1E105KRT0 or
445-180204-ND or
3288102 or
811-8364 -
C39, C45 2 47µF conductive polymer capacitor
(United Chemi-Con PSA)
661-PSA10VB47M 565-3051-ND 9189505 216-2762 -
47µF conductive polymer capacitor
(Nichicon PLF)
647-PLF1A470MDL4TD 493-14106-1-ND - - -
C28, C31, C34 3 0.01µF X7R multilayer ceramic capacitor 80-C315C103K5R 399-4148-ND 1457653 538-1196 -
Integrated circuits
U1 1 Texas Instruments SRC4392IPFB DIR+DIT+ASRC (TQFP-48) 595-SRC4392IPFB 296-19740-1-ND 1624400 709-3999 -
U2, U3 2 Wolfson WM8741GEDS/V DAC (SSOP-28) 238-WM8741GEDS/V WM8741GEDS/RVCT-ND 1776268 - -
U4 1 Texas Instruments SN74ALVC244NS octal buffer with 3-state outputs (SOP-20) 595-SN74ALVC244NSR 296-12863-1-ND - - -
U5 1 Texas Instruments SN74LVC1G00DBV single 2-input NAND gate (SOT23-5) 595-SN74LVC1G00DBVR 296-9845-1-ND 1287607 662-8676 -
U6 1 Texas Instruments CDCLVC1103PW clock buffer (TSSOP-8) 595-CDCLVC1103PWR 296-27587-1-ND 2352246 - -
U7 1 Microchip MCP100 or
Maxim DS1818
reset supervisor (TO-92)
579-MCP100-315DI/TO or
DS1818-10+CT-ND 1212673 667-4124 -
U8 1 Analog Devices ADM7150ARDZ-3.3 LDO 3.3V voltage regulator (SOIC-8) 584-ADM7150ARDZ-3.3 ADM7150ARDZ-3.3-ND 2377357 798-9944 -
U9, U10 2 Texas Instruments TPS79333DBV LDO 3.3V voltage regulator (SOT23-5) 595-TPS79333DBVR 296-12961-1-ND 1470478 661-4490 -
U11 1 Texas Instruments TPS79318DBV LDO 1.8V voltage regulator (SOT23-5) 595-TPS79318DBVR 296-12155-1-ND 1652374 661-4472 -
Texas Instruments LP2985AIM5-1.8 LDO 1.8V voltage regulator (SOT23-5) 926-2985AIM51.8/NOPB LP2985AIM5-1.8/NOPBCT-ND 1469131 536-0694 -
U12, U13 2 Analog Devices ADM7150ARDZ-5.0 LDO 5V voltage regulator (SOIC-8) 584-ADM7150ARDZ-5.0 ADM7150ARDZ-5.0-ND 2377358 798-9947 -
X1 1 Crystek CCHD-957-25-24.576 3.3V 24.576MHz HCMOS oscillator (9x14mm) 549-CCHD-957-25-24.5 744-1457-ND - - Preferred for maximum performance
Fox FXO-HC736R, Crystek 3391, Abracon ASV, Euroquartz XO91 3.3V 24.576MHz HCMOS oscillator (7x5mm) XPO-HC736R-24.576 or
631-1186-1-ND or
1640947 - -
L1-L6 6 ferrite bead, axial lead AMB audio shop -
ferrite bead, SMD 875-HI1206T500R-10 240-2412-1-ND 2292371 230-3907 -
- 3 24P single-row pin receptacle, 0.1" pitch - S7057-ND 1593472 - Mount on bottom of board

Parts recommendations

The following is a list of recommendations and options. Please read through this carefully before ordering any parts.


All resistors are miniature 1/8W, 1% tolerance, 5mm lead pitch. The resistor body should be no more than 4mm long and 1.9mm in diameter, not including the leads. Some resistance values may not be available in all brand/type lines.


There are three types of capacitors used in the γ24: conductive polymer, audio grade electrolytic, and multi-layer ceramic.

C39 and C45 are conductive polymer type for their ultra low ESR characteristics. They are through-hole with radial leads, 2.5mm lead pitch, a maximum diameter of 6.3mm and a maximum height of 12.5mm.
  • United Chemi-Con PSA
  • Nichicon PLF
  • other similar

C14, C16, C18 and C20 are "audio grade" electrolytic capacitors. They are through-hole with radial leads, 2mm or 2.5mm lead pitch, a maximum diameter of 6.3mm and a maximum height of 12.5mm.
  • Elna RFS (Silmic II)
  • Nichicon ES (Muse)
  • Nichicon KW
  • Nichicon FW
  • Rubycon Black Gate NX Hi-Q
  • Panasonic AK
  • Elna ARD(ROD) (Starget)
  • CapXon NK
  • other similar

The remaining capacitors are X7R multilayer ceramic type, with lead pitch of 2.5mm. Some of these may come with their leads pre-bent for 5mm pitch, you need to straighten them to fit the board. Please do not substitute X7R grade with others.

Integrated circuits

Please use the part numbers listed in the table above. Pay special attention to the manufacturer's part number suffix(es) and compare to the list. The wrong suffix may refer to a different package style that would not fit the γ24 board.
  • Texas Instruments SN74LVC1G00DBV single 2-input positive NAND gate (TSSOP-8)
  • Texas Instruments CDCLVC1103 clock buffer (TSSOP-8)
  • Texas Instruments SN74ALVC244NS octal buffer with 3-state outputs (SOP-20)
  • Microchip MCP100-315DI/TO reset supervisor (TO-92)
  • Maxim DS1818-10+ reset supervisor (TO-92)
  • Analog Devices ADM7150ARDZ-3.3 ultra low noise LDO 3.3V voltage regulator (SOIC-8)
  • Analog Devices ADM7150ARDZ-5.0 ultra low noise LDO 5V voltage regulator (SOIC-8)
  • Texas Instruments TPS79333DBV low noise LDO 3.3V voltage regulator (SOT23-5)
  • Texas Instruments TPS79318DBV low noise LDO 1.8V voltage regulator (SOT23-5)
  • Texas Instruments LP2985AIM5-1.8 low noise LDO 1.8V voltage regulator (SOT23-5)


The oscillator is an important part of the DAC and is crucial to its performance. The preferred oscillator is the Crystek CCHD-957-25-24.576. It is pricey for a good reason. Alternative oscillators are shown in the list above in case you cannot obtain the CCHD-957.

Ferrite beads

For L1-L6, you may use either the Panasonic (axial lead) ferrite beads from AMB audio shop, or the SMD 1206 (3216 metric) chip beads by Laird or Murata. The Panasonic and Laird devices are preferred due to lower DC resistance and higher current rating.

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