The δ1 relay-based R-2R stereo attenuator

Circuit board

The δ1 circuit board is made of high quality FR-4 glass epoxy, double-layer with plated-through holes as well as silkscreen and soldermask. There is a ground plane on each side of the board for lowered ground impedance and improved shielding.

The following diagram illustrates some important board dimensions. The δ1 and δ2 boards share common dimensions and mounting hole locations, and can be mounted in a "stack" with standoffs to minimize their chassis internal footprint and to simplify wiring. The δ1 circuit board is supplied in a single-piece containing the driver and attenuator sections. The board is scored such that the two sections may be snapped apart. There are four additional mounting holes on each δ1 or δ2 board's driver section to allow mounting them behind the LCDuino-1 board as additional "backpacks". These all provide very flexibles mounting options to suit your needs.

Below are photo images of the top and bottom of the circuit board. They are not in actual size.

The circuit board layout is shown below. The top layer is shown in red, the bottom layer is in blue. Where there is copper on both the top and bottom layers, the color is shown in violet. The silkscreen layer is in light grey.

You may also view an image of the silkscreen (PDF format, 336KB).

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