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The β24 fully-differential power amplifier


  • Reference-class power amplifier
  • All-discrete
  • Fully-differential
  • Fully-complementary
  • Fully-symmetrical
  • Balanced output
  • Balanced or unbalanced input
  • Dynamically-cascoded in every stage
  • Cross-coupled feedback
  • Common-mode feedback
  • DC coupled
  • JFET input stage
  • BJT voltage amplification stage
  • Robust MOSFET output stage
  • 170W/ch into 8Ω, 310W/ch into 4Ω
  • High speed (slew rate 440V/µS)
  • Wide bandwidth (0Hz-1.4MHz, +0, -3dB)
  • Ultra low output impedance (0.0035Ω @1KHz, not incl. speaker cable)
  • Ultra high damping factor (2285 @1KHz into 8Ω)
  • Excellent linearity
  • 4-layer PCB with double ground planes and power planes
Blank β24 circuit boards and some related parts
are now available for purchase at AMB audio shop.

The schematic diagram of the β24 amplifier board is shown below.
A full documentation PDF file with parts list and instructions will be
provided to all β24 board buyers.

Please use the AMB DIY audio forum for support.

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Note: There are "β24" clone boards being offered for sale on ebay and elsewhere. They are inferior in quality, made without permission and a violation of the terms set forth on this website. AMB urges not to patronize those unscrupulous vendors.