The α10 stereo pre-amplifier

σ10 power supply

The σ22 and σ25 regulated power supply boards are plugged directly into the α10 backplane board. While it is possible to also install the power transformers in the main enclosure, it is recommended to put them in a separate enclosure to avoid magnetic field induced hum and noise.

The σ10 ("sigma 10") is the recommended outboard power supply for use with the α10 pre-amplifier. It provides the 15V-0-15V (or 18V-0-18V) and 9V AC power needed by the α10, as well as a solid state relay for as power on/off control by the LCDuino-1. See the Parts list section for details about parts selection.

σ10 has no circuit board. All its parts are connected directly with wires.

Here are photos of AMB's reference σ10 power supply, built in a Context Engineering 3008H-5N extruded aluminum enclosure with custom front/rear panels fabricated by Front Panel Express:

Schematic diagram

The following is the schematic diagram of the σ10 power supply.

Here is the σ10 power supply schematic diagram in PDF format (26KB).

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