The α10 stereo pre-amplifier

α10 backplane board

Circuit board

The α10 backplane board is what supports two α20 line stage amplifier boards, the δ1 stepped attenuator board, the δ2 input/output selector board, the σ22 and σ25 power supply regulator boards. Each of these boards plug directly into the backplane board without any use of wires. In addition, the backplane board allows tidy connectivity to the LCDuino-1 I/O processor, LCD display and all panel-mount components. The result is uncompromised modularity, serviceability and performance, as well as an uncluttered chassis layout with minimal wiring.

The backplane board is made of high quality FR-4 glass epoxy, double-layer with plated-through holes as well as silkscreen and soldermask. Ground planes on both sides of the board (separate planes for analog signal and digital grounds) provide low ground impedance and RFI shielding.

The following diagram illustrates some important board dimensions. It can be used as a reference when you work on the chassis enclosure.

Note: The areas marked "JISBOS Buffer" on the backplane board could be used for the α20 line stage amplifier or the old JISBOS v1.01 unity-gain buffer.

Here are photos of the top and bottom sides of the blank α10 backplane board:


A PDF format file of the board silkscreen is also available (65KB).

Schematic diagram

The schematic diagram of the α10 backplane board is shown below. See the Parts list section for details about parts selection.

Here is the α10 backplane board schematic diagram in PDF format (40KB).

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